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                 A-N, produces wide variety of glow plugs. The types of glow plugs consist 95% of glow plugs sold in Euro-
          pean Market. All glow plugs produced by A-N have double filaments and in case the controlling unit instructs, it
          remain hot 2-3 minutes after the engine starts.

                 All products have been produced under topmost high quality control procedures  successfully challenging
          more than 70 processes together with all tests, and all technical statistics under production process.

                 A-N glow plugs that have been designed and produced in accordance with the quality
          standards of big European producers have the following characteristics:

                 — Rapid ignition of the engine even in cold weather conditions
                 — Decrease in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions
                 — Perfect reliability
                 — Durable to operate for long periods

                 All electrical characteristics of the glow plugs that have been produced are tested with Professional test equ-
          ipment and software and then they are reviewed and reported with graphics. Moreover, each glow plug is tested
          under heat tests and any product that does not have ample tolerance will be eliminated.

                 The tests that have been conducted are based on all electrical parameters.
          The design of A-N glow plugs has been being tested under all conditions and the results are being regularly re-
          ported. The A-N glow plugs that successfully pass development tests, life tests, performance tests, over voltage
          tests, torch control tests, coating height tests, filament rupture tests, oil tests and corrosion tests are offered to
          the market.

                 All designs are made in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.
                 A-N glow plugs have been marketed in more than 15 countries.
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